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.    A Personal Note from Carl D Ragan

A hearty welcome to all thrill seekers and thrill avoiders alike! The cast and crew of are working hard to become the definitive source on Roller Coasters, Thrill & Flat Rides in the World. As you can see we have quite an endeavour ahead of us. Because of this, please visit often & check the site for new items.

There will be something for everyone in this site. For the hardcore rider stats, trip reports, event listings. For the casual observer that doesn't make a living riding our picture and video gallery should be interesting. Always favorite topics will be discussed by all in our Interactive CoasterBoard. Here people all over the world can discuss the latest record breaker or exchange ideas from playing Rollercoaster Tycoon™.

Personally not quite a year ago, a simple hobby of mine has now grown into an obsession. Always searching for the tallest, fastest, hopefully not the bumpiest, most fun coaster of present day. I quickly found out thousands in the world share my passion. This site is to serve that need and to at least point us in the right direction. Quenching that passion is up to you my friend.

I now travel around the world and ride coasters and I often observe others in line. It's interesting who you meet waiting to ride: the family whose smaller ones don't quite want to take the plunge, the teenagers who still need a friend to ride with, the adults who still remember their first time and want to relive again. For all of these people including those young and old who never got up enough gumption ... perhaps this site will let you ride in your mind, we think so.

For goodness sakes, go coastering!

Coastin' Carl D Ragan

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