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.    0 Season Preview — 112 New Coasters

27 Wooden — 85 Steel

Roller Coaster   Amusement Park Track Open
AcrophobiaUSASix Flags Over GeorgiaThrill0
Alpine BobsledUSAGreat Escape & Splashwater KingdomSteel0
Back to the FutureUSAUniversal Studios OrlandoSimulator0
Batman The RideUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
BeastUSAKings IslandWood0
Big DipperUSAGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomWood0
Big DipperUSAMichigan's AdventureSteel0
Blue StreakUSACedar PointWood0
BoomerangUSAKnott's Berry FarmSteel0
BrucoItalyZoosafari FasanolandiaSteel0
Canyon BlasterUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
Cedar Creek Mine RideUSACedar PointSteel0
ChangUSASix Flags Kentucky KingdomSteel0
ChaosUSAOpryland USASteel0
ClipperJapanSpace WorldSteel0
CobraCanadaLa RondeSteel0
ColossusUSASix Flags Magic MountainWood0
CometUSAGreat Escape & Splashwater KingdomWood0
CorkscrewUSACedar PointSteel0
CorkscrewUSAMichigan's AdventureSteel0
CycloneMalaysiaGenting Theme ParkSteel0
CycloneUSASix Flags New EnglandWood0
Dahlonega Mine TrainUSASix Flags Over GeorgiaSteel0
DeliriumUSAKings IslandThrill0
DetonatorUSAWorlds of FunThrill0
Disaster TransportUSACedar PointSteel0
DominatorUSADorney Park & Wildwater KingdomThrill0
DominatorUSAGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomSteel0
Drop ZoneUSAKings DominionThrill0
Drop ZoneUSAKings IslandThrill0
Euro ExpressMalaysiaGenting Theme ParkSteel0
ExterminatorUSAKennywood ParkSteel0
Fairly Odd CoasterUSAKings IslandWood0
FlashbackUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
FlashbackUSASix Flags New EnglandWood0
Flight of FearUSAKings IslandSteel0
Flying DragonMalaysiaGenting Theme ParkSteel0
Flying UnicornUSAIslands of AdventureSteel0
Fuga da AtlantideItalyGardalandWater0
GeminiUSACedar PointSteel0
Georgia CycloneUSASix Flags Over GeorgiaWood0
GhostRiderUSAKnott's Berry FarmWood0
Gold RusherUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
GouderixFranceParc AstérixSteel0
Greased Lightnin'USASix Flags Discovery KingdomSteel0
Great American Scream MachineUSASix Flags Over GeorgiaWood0
Greezed Lightnin'USASix Flags Astro WorldSteel0
HangmanUSAOpryland USASteel0
HowlerUSAHoliday WorldSteel0
Jaguar!USAKnott's Berry FarmSteel0
Jr GeminiUSACedar PointSteel0
King CobraUSAKings IslandSteel0
KongUSASix Flags Discovery KingdomSteel0
Little Bill's Giggle CoasterUSAKings IslandSteel0
Little DipperUSAKiddie ParkSteel0
Little Rock-N-Roller CoasterUSAOpryland USASteel0
L'll DipperCanadaTinkertown Family Fun ParkSteel0
Mad MouseUSAMichigan's AdventureSteel0
Magnum XL-200USACedar PointSteel0
Manhattan ExpressUSANew York-New York Hotel & CasinoSteel0
MantisUSACedar PointSteel0
MedusaMexicoSix Flags MéxicoWood0
MeteorUSADorney Park & Wildwater KingdomThrill0
MindbenderUSASix Flags Over GeorgiaSteel0
Mission: SPACEUSAWalt Disney World (Epcot)Simulator0
MonstreCanadaLa RondeWood0
Nightmare at Crack Axle CanyonUSAGreat Escape & Splashwater KingdomSteel0
NinjaUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
Ortobruco TourItalyGardalandSteel0
Perilous PlungeUSAKnott's Berry FarmWater0
Power TowerUSACedar PointThrill0
PsycloneCanadaCanada's WonderlandThrill0
PsycloneUSASix Flags Magic MountainWood0
Pteranodon FlyersUSAIslands of AdventureSteel0
Raging Wolf BobsUSAGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomWood0
RaptorUSACedar PointSteel0
RavenUSAHoliday WorldSteel0
RevolutionUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
Rhino RallyUSABusch Gardens AfricaThrill0
Rhombus's RocketUKFantasy IslandSteel0
Riddler's RevengeUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
RoarUSASix Flags Discovery KingdomWood0
Rock n' Roller CoasterUSAOpryland USASteel0
Roller SkaterUSASix Flags Kentucky KingdomSteel0
Scooby's Ghoster CoasterUSAKings IslandSteel0
Scream!USASix Flags New EnglandThrill0
Screamin' Delta DemonUSAOpryland USASteel0
SerpentUSASix Flags Astro WorldSteel0
Silver CometUSAMartin's Fantasy IslandSteel0
Sky PrincessUSADutch Wonderland Family Amusement ParkWood0
SnailsUKJoyland Children's Fun ParkSteel0
Space MountainUSAWalt Disney World (Magic Kingdom)Steel0
Star ToursUSADisney’s Hollywood StudiosSimulator0
Star World MountainBrazilBeto Carrero WorldSteel0
Steamin' DemonUSAGreat Escape & Splashwater KingdomSteel0
Steel PhantomUSAKennywood ParkSteel0
Steel VenomUSAGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomSteel0
Super ManègeCanadaLa RondeSteel0
Superman - Ride Of SteelUSASix Flags New EnglandSteel0
Swamp BuggyUSASix Flags Astro WorldSteel0
T2USASix Flags Kentucky KingdomSteel0
Test TrackUSAWalt Disney World (Epcot)Simulator0
Texas CycloneUSASix Flags Astro WorldWood0
Thunder CanyonUSACedar PointWater0
Thunder RunUSASix Flags Kentucky KingdomWood0
ThunderboltUSAKennywood ParkWood0
ThunderhawkUSAGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomSteel0
TitanJapanSpace WorldSteel0
To Be DeterminedUSAGreat Escape & Splashwater KingdomSteel0
Tomb Raider: The RideUSAKings IslandThrill0
Tower of DoomUSASix Flags AmericaThrill0
Tower of TerrorAustraliaDreamworldSteel0
Twisted TwinsUSASix Flags Kentucky KingdomWood0
Tyrolean TubtwistUKJoyland Children's Fun ParkWood0
ValhallaUKPleasure Beach, BlackpoolWater0
VenusJapanSpace WorldSteel0
VillainUSAGeauga Lake & Wildwater KingdomWood0
ViperUSASix Flags Astro WorldSteel0
ViperUSASix Flags Magic MountainSteel0
Wabash CannonballUSAOpryland USASteel0
Wacky WormUSAMyrtle Beach Grand Prix Family Thrill ParkSteel0
Wild CatUSACedar PointSteel0
Wolverine WildcatUSAMichigan's AdventureWood0
Woodstock ExpressUSACedar PointSteel0
Yankee CannonballUSACanobie Lake ParkWood0
Zach's ZoomerUSAMichigan's AdventureWood0
Z-ForceUSASix Flags Over GeorgiaSteel0
ZongaUSASix Flags Discovery KingdomSteel0

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