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7/22/2001 Has Nitro lived up to your expectations?
7/27/2001 When do you think Déjà Vu will open at Six Flags over Georgia?
9/14/2001 Will the recent attacks on American soil curb your coaster schedule?
3/27/2002 How much is parking at your park?
10/1/2002 How far have you traveled this year for a coaster fix?
12/7/2002 What do you want to see more of on this site?
1/16/2003 Is Top Thrill Dragster what you expected from Cedar Point?
2/17/2003 Which coasters are you looking forward to opening in 2003?
5/18/2003 How do you feel about clones?
5/18/2005 Which coaster are you most looking forward to opening in 2005?
11/9/2005 Are you planning to attend IAAPA 2005 in Atlanta, Georgia USA this year?
12/1/2005 What do you think of the newly redesigned TV/Movie Schedule?
2/5/2006 Do you think the recent shakeup is good for Six Flags Inc?
3/4/2006 Did you find the latest park First Day listing helpful in your trip planning?
7/17/2006 Which feature of the all new revamped CoasterBoard do you find most useful?
10/17/2006 How safe really do you think rides are today?
1/10/2007 Your MOST important change in today's amusement parks?
8/7/2007 Thoughts on the Coolest Coaster Tour 3?

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