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Woody Woodpecker's Nuthouse Coaster

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The Place
  Universal Studios Orlando - Orlando, Florida USA
  "Knothead Express"

The Stats

Track Type Year Manufacturer
Steel Junior, Twister 1999 Vekoma Rides Manufacturing BV
Ride Statistics
Height: 27.89 feet | 8,5 meters Max Drop:
Top Speed: 21.7 mph | 34.9 km/h Track Length: 679.13 feet | 270 meters
Rider Capacity: 780 per hour Max G-Force:
Inversions: Ride Time: 44 seconds
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: Length of Train:
Restraints: Lapbar Number of Trains: 1
Cars per Train: 8 Vehicles Designed by: Vekoma

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 2 across, 2 seats per car for a total capacity of 16 riders.
* Structure: Each car is modeled after nut crates and travels on red tubular steel track supported by bright blue steel poles, which are in turn held together with knotty boards and rope.
* Features: Woody's familiar "Guess Who!? " phrase is uttered from speakers as you approach the top of the lift hill. Other sound effects emerge on the ride as well.

The Verdict
The ride features some mild drops and tilted turns but should prove fun for the kiddies.
I rate it 1 Star

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