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Scenic Railway

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The Place
  Dreamland Fun Park - Margate, Kent UK
  "Oldest Operating UK Roller Coaster"

The Stats

Track Type Year Designer / Manufacturer
Wood ACE Classic, Scenic Railway 1920 John Henry Iles / N/A
Ride Statistics
Height: Approx 30 feet Max Drop:
Top Speed: 15.7 mph | 7 m/s Track Length: 375.66 feet | 114,5 meters
Rider Capacity: Max G-Force:
Inversions: Ride Time:
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: Length of Train:
Restraints: Lapbars, Belts Number of Trains: 2
Cars per Train: 3 five-bench cars Vehicles Designed by:

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 2 across in 5-bench cars, 10 seats per car for a total of 30 riders per train.
* Notes: England is fortunate to have two scenic railways - the other one is 12 years younger and resides at Great Yarmouth's Pleasure Beach. This Scenic Railway was awarded Grade II "listed" status by English Heritage on 1 March 2002 which essentially is similar to being a historical landmark in the United States. And currently holds the Guinness Book of World Records for the oldest operating roller coaster in the UK.
* Accident & Safety Record: A 5 year old girl was thrown from the ride on 11 June 1992.
* Structure: Trains are original and have flanged wheels with no upstop wheels. Requires more than 4 months of maintenance yearly. Weather stained track, rust colored support structure, cream railing with royal blue & blue green train cars trimmed in white and featuring carved dragon-like scrolls on the lead cars. Each car is lined with plush, plum leather.
* Elements: Its original lift hill uses a cable instead of a chain which grips beneath the train and pulls to the top. What follows is an out-and-back design. Next comes a second, slightly higher lift hill situated parallel beside the first one. Finally yet another out-and-back portion and again parallel to its sister half. There are double dips after each lift hill ending with a double dip before turning into the station.
* Features: Brakeman sits between the first and second car. Loads of gentle airtime for backseat passengers from a major drop after the first lift hill. If you didn't know better, it would appear to be a racing coaster from afar.
* History: Of the 120+ wooden coasters that were built in England between 1885-1958, only 9 have survived. Scenic Railway being among the nine is also one of only three surviving "scenic railway" designs left intact worldwide.

The Verdict
Living up to its name, this coaster indeed is scenic, giving views all around the seaside village as well as a 360° park vista as you parade gallantly round and round. Sitting in your own private compartment, the conductor (I mean brakeman) says "All aboard, the Scenic Railway!"
I rate it 5 Star's

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