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Blue Coaster

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The Place
  Dreamland Fun Park - Margate, Kent UK

The Stats

Track Type Year Manufacturer
Steel Junior 2001 L&T Systems
Ride Statistics
Height: 19.69 feet | 6 meters Max Drop:
Top Speed: 15.7 mph | 7 m/s Track Length: 375.66 feet | 114,5 meters
Rider Capacity: Max G-Force:
Inversions: Ride Time:
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: Length of Train:
Restraints: Individual Hydraulic Lapbars Number of Trains: 1
Cars per Train: 5 Vehicles Designed by: L&T Systems

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 2 across, 4 seats per car for a total capacity of 20 riders.
* Notes: This is based on L&T's Mini Coaster 32x18 model, the largest of their mini design series.
* Structure: Muted orange track with galvanized steel column supports. Each car is shaped as a navy/powder blue Techno Mouse, the lead car with bright yellow headlight eyes.
* Elements: 360° helix followed by a bunny hop.
Ride Layout
* History: Installed at this park from 2001-2003 and originally called the Blue Bullet. Since relocated to the Khurais Plaza Shopping Mall in 2004.

The Verdict
Contrary to its name, this coaster will pick anyone up that may have the blues. Being a portable design, it's interesting to see the track connect two separate fenced areas.
I rate it 2 Star's

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