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Siete Picos

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The Place
  Parque de Atracciones de Madrid - Madrid, Madrid Spain
  "Sólo diversión. Todo diversión."

The Stats

Track Type Year Designer / Manufacturer
Steel Wildcat 1969 Werner Stengel / Anton Schwartzkopf
Ride Statistics
Height: 44.29 feet | 13,5 meters Max Drop:
Top Speed: 37.3 mph | 60 km/h Track Length: 1509.19 feet | 460 meters
Rider Capacity: 900 per hour Max G-Force:
Inversions: Ride Time: 1:35 minutes
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: 10 Length of Train:
Restraints: Holding Rail, Ratcheting lapbar Number of Trains:
Cars per Train: Vehicles Designed by: Schwarzkopf

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 2 across, 4 seats per car for a total capacity of 40 riders.
* Notes: Siete Picos translated into English means "Seven Peaks" which is part of a mountain chain very close to Madrid just to the North. Located in the "Maquinismo" area of the park. Several clones reside in Europe and the Americas. This is based on Schwarzkopf's Medium Wildcat model.
* Structure: Weighs in at approximately 74.8 tons. Approximately 94 Kilowatts of power is needed for operation. Reddish orange track & yellow ochre column supports, cars now resemble old automobiles complete with hood, headlights, fenders & bumpers. and range in color from red to teal trimmed in chrome.
* Elements: Passengers actually board while cars continuously move. Once seated, a 180° turn is made and up the lift hill for about 30 seconds. Upon reaching the top, there is a slight dip, another 180° and the first drop. In reaching the other side, you make a 180° turn, drop, another 180° to the right followed by a third drop taking you counter-clockwise into a 540° helix. Ultimately you bump up a small hill preparing for a final helix but this time bearing to the right clockwise and into the braking run.
* Features: Hand braking using compressed air.

The Verdict
Every ride is guaranteed to deliver many high packed slopes and turns while dizzying you in patented helices.
I rate it 4 Star's

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