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The Place
  Linnanmäki - Helsinki, Uusimaa Finland

The Stats

Track Type Year Designer / Manufacturer
Steel Water Coaster 2001 Werner Stengel / Premier Rides
Ride Statistics
Height: 24,1 meters | 79.07 feet Max Drop: 14,8 meters | 48.56 feet
Top Speed: 60 km/h | 37.28 mph Track Length: 330 meters | 1082.68 feet
Rider Capacity: 800 per hour Max G-Force: +2.5 G
Inversions: Ride Time: 60 seconds
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: 3 Length of Train:
Restraints: Individual Hydraulic Lapbar, Rail Number of Trains:
Cars per Train: Vehicles Designed by: Premier

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 2 across, 10 seats per car for a total capacity of 30 riders.
* Notes: Based on their Liquid Coaster design. When we visited in 2007 this project was the only installation of its kind by Premier. Workers installed more than 10 km of wires including 50 infrared sensors along the ride footprint. Theming was done in-house as tribute to the legendary Finnish lumberjacks and sawmills. Built at a cost of 5 million €.
* Structure: Track and column supports are blue. Cars are stylized as wooden planked boats and each weigh 1700 kg.
* Elements: Lift hill takes about 30 sec, curving to the right past the multi-colored Linnanmäki sign high atop the Sea Life Aquarium building, zooming through some fog and a rooftop representing a house, before taking a banked curve "down river" through the log slide.
* Features: Acrylic glass splash wall. Water is circulated using two jet jumps and is responsible for the smooth braking of the ride. The difference between this water coaster design and others is the fact that the "boats" are in constant contact with the rails at all times even during splashdown.

Poseidon at Europa Park is an example of a different kind of water coaster built by MACK but where each car floats back to the station. Also the Disneyland's Matterhorn Bobsleds is another example of water used as a final brake run.

The Verdict
You truly get WET on this ride. Believe the hype; there is even a vending machine outside the entrance with ponchos for sale. Lines move along well with 3 boats running. I didn't see any fog through the first house when we visited. This is a unique ride.
I rate it 5 Star's

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