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Vliegende Hollander

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The Place
  Efteling - Kaatsheuvel, Noord-Brabant Netherlands

The Stats

Track Type Year Manufacturer
Steel Water Coaster 2007 KumbaK Coasters
Ride Statistics
Height: 22,5 meters | 73.82 feet Max Drop:
Top Speed: 70 km/h | 43.5 mph Track Length: 420 meters | 1377.95 feet
Rider Capacity: 1900 per hour Max G-Force: +3 to .2 G
Inversions: Ride Time: 3:45 minutes
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: 11 Length of Train:
Restraints: Number of Trains:
Cars per Train: Vehicles Designed by: KumbaK

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 3 across in the first and third rows, 4 across in the second and fourth rows for a total of 14 riders per car and a total capacity of 154 riders.
* Notes: Built at a cost of 20 million . The ride name means "Flying Dutchman" in Dutch.
* Structure: Passengers board cars stylized as longboats. Ride footprint covers 17.000 m2.
* Elements: Lift hill is 45°.
* History: The park had hoped to have the ride open during the 2006 season. However much complexity is being realized with a certain section of the track up the lift hill and has retained Intamin to help iron it out pushing the opening until 2007.

The Verdict

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YELL ... Vliegende Hollander!

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