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Superman Krypton Coaster

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The Place
  Six Flags Fiesta Texas - San Antonio, Texas USA

The Stats

Track Type Year Designer / Manufacturer
Steel Floorless, Terrain 2000 Werner Stengel / Bolliger & Mabillard
Ride Statistics
Height: 168 feet Max Drop:
Top Speed: 70 mph Track Length: 4025 feet
Rider Capacity: 1600 per hour Max G-Force: +3.8 G
Inversions: 6 Ride Time: 3:20 minutes
Avg Speed: Angle of Descent:
Number of Cars: Length of Train:
Restraints: Horsecollar, Belts Number of Trains: 3
Cars per Train: 8 Vehicles Designed by: B&M

The Experience

* Arrangement: Riders are arranged 4 across, 4 seats per car for a total of 32 riders per train.
* Notes: Located in the Rockville area of the park. Built at a cost of $20 million USD.
* Structure: Classic Superman red track with Superman blue column supports. Trains are blue and red with yellow restraints.
* Elements: Ascend the lift hill while turning around 90° on top of the cliff and doing a near-miss of the canyon wall straight down into a 124 ft vertical loop, from here race back up and dance on top of the cliff once again into a 370° helix before dropping back into a zero-G roll, facing head long into a 78 ft cobra roll over the water, race toward the cliff again and at the last second make an S-turn through the mid-course brakes. Finally you dive down into a double corkscrew, a sharp banked 180° helix and into the station.
* Features: The apex of the lift hill and the helix after the vertical loop extend over the cliff wall.

The Verdict
One of the longest ride times in the business makes for an enjoyable ride. Arguably the best floorless coaster in the world. With the interaction you get between the cliff walls and the quarry, it makes it that much more exciting.
I rate it 7 Star's

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