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senior member

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5/24/2003 11:15:09 AM
I finely went on zonga. i was so exited when i came. i had to wait in a 1 hour line! It was only a friday! well i finely waited, and to my suprise,i hated it! it is the most bumpy head banging coaster! it really made me kind of mad to see this rollercoaster that i waited forever to go on and i hated it! if youve been on kong, at sfmw, thats 3 times as bumpy as kong! it gave me a bad headach. also the hillift and braking system are so loud! its a ridiculous ride! oh man, it let my hopes down! if u ever go to sfmw, dont go on zonga! just a little advice!
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senior member

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replied on 5/10/2003 2:42:12 PM
has any one been on zonga yet?
im going on it 23 o may if so how was it?


senior member

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replied on 5/14/2003 3:16:22 AM
Let us know what you thought after you ride it. Better yet show us some pictures if you can. Even largely our photos are featured, others are as well


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