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senior member

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7/14/2003 9:24:42 PM
have anyone seen the popular mechanics artical?
it sais roller coasters are leathal. YA RITE!!!!!! how could anyone think that. 2 years ago it said some lady died on goliath.wich is true but if someone with high blood pressure or back injuries shuld not ride anyway. it usaly the persons fault for dying on a ride! This is how a normal peorson can ruin roller coasters by putting huge restraints, making hieght restricions and a whole lot of other annyoing things.In the magazine it has a list and it sais exactly this: deadly rides-top gun, goliath, duble loop,shokwave, wild cat, wild wonder. DEADLY RIDES????????????goliath didnt kill the peorson.the peorson killed themself by going on that roller coaster with high blood pressure or what ever she had.This Is Redulus!People should not be tested to ride a roller coaster. they say to get tested now before you go on a coaster to make sure you wont die! If that becomes a law, then no new coasters will be build cus someone will pass out at 9 gs. People who wrote that should know that they r runing the fun for A LOT of people! also the people who make there restrains loose and get by with it and fall out are stupid. they shouldnt ruin it for everyone cas of there stupidness! whoever agrees with me please respond!
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junior member

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replied on 7/15/2003 9:51:27 AM
I think you're right. Coasters ALWAYS have warning signs about not going on them if you have high blood pressure and heart trouble and stuff, and if the lady chose to ignore the sign, then it's HER fault Not the COASTER'S!Well that's what I h

new member

2 posts
replied on 7/20/2003 2:17:15 PM
I totallly agree with you 100%! It's not the coaster's fault at the beginning of every ride it says that any people with high blood pressure or low blood presssure or any problems at all shouldn't go on the ride....AND!!!!!! at the beginning of t

new member

1 posts
replied on 1/27/2004 4:30:21 PM
i am doing a science project on heart rate,blood pressure and rollercoasters could you send me something on that. is ia safe? does youe pressure raise how about your heart rate?

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